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Interior Marking

Hi-Way Services Ltd has a dedicated team of operatives who specialise in interior & specialist markings.


  • Durable Markings
  • Improved organisation & clarity
  • Improved safety
  • Out of hours installation minimises disruption to operations

Factory & Warehouse Interior Markings

Interior markings are often used in garages, factories and warehouses to mark out storage spaces, pedestrian walk-ways, forklift routes, hazardous areas (such as MOT bays) and fire escapes. They clearly segregate people, vehicles, machinery and hazards to improve operational efficiency and keep staff safe.

All of our industrial internal markings use colour schemes that people are familiar with to easy understanding.

Interior markings can be enhanced by the use of  high friction anti-slip surfaces to provide even greater levels of clarity and safety. 

Free Site Survey. Free Quote. Guaranteed.

Following your initial enquiry, one of the team of experienced interior  marking surveyors will visit your site, usually within 48 hours, to discuss your individual requirements.

All our interior marking work comes with a 12 month guarantee.

To arrange a free site survey please contact us on 01227 714380 or email us.


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