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Is the school run driving you crazy?

It amazes me how many stories there are in the press about road rage on the school run. Stressed out parents parking on school keep clear zig-zags and cars double parked in an effort to get as close to possible to the school gates are part of many of our daily routines. It’s part of modern life that most of us just put up with. But so often parking arguments seem to turn into brawls involving various mums and dads while their children simply look on. It’s staggering that more than a quarter of adults have witnessed or been in an argument with another parent over a parking space outside the school gates. Almost a third believe driving children to school is more dangerous than driving to work or into town. 

As a road marking contractor, we are often contacted by parents who are looking for help/advice to ease the school run nightmare; “can’t you put cones out for us to stop the dangerous parking” “please could you put some extra double ye [read on]

    New Work Vehicles

    As mentioned earlier this year, we have upgraded our contract managers vehicles from diesel powered VWs to state of the art hybrid BMW 330e. We revealed in the last write up just how much more efficient the BMW is with the miles per gallon

    Another HGV Pass

    It is now common knowledge that we have been enrolling all operatives on to a Cat C HGV license training course. This is soon to become a compulsory qualification to enable a user to drive a rigid vehicle up to 32 tonnes. So far 10

    First Week Back

    The festivities are over for another year along with the first week back at work. I would like to start by saying on behalf of all the Hi-Way team, we hope you had a very Merry Christmas and an enjoyable New Year. For us we are

    Christmas Closing News

    Its that time of year again! Every year it seems to sneak up on us sooner than the year before. From us all here at Hi-Way Services we would like to take the time to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    John Couchman

    It is with deep regret that we impart some very sad news. The first book keeper employed by Hi-Way Services, John Couchman has sadly passed away. He was a valued member of the Hi-Way Services team in 1990-93. John was a retired bank manager

    More HGV News

    It has been a few months since we last mentioned which operatives were being entered in to our HGV Cat C Enrolment programme. For those of you who are new customers of Hi-Way Services or haven't updated yourself on our latest news in a

    Another Familiarisation Day

    A few months back we decided to host a familiarisation day for our office staff so that they could get a greater understanding for what happens outside of the office walls and learn exactly how road markings are installed on different surface

    Lining At Barretts Canterbury

    Here at Hi-Way Services we always have an ethos of no job is too large or too small. Although the majority of our works are large schemes on term maintenance contracts we also do lots of smaller private works. When our neighbours Barretts

    Hi-Way Services Familiarisation Day

    Our office team get first-hand experience of road marking Towards the end of last month, the office team were taken to the site of the Captain Digby in Broadstairs, Kent for a familiarisation day to learn about the road marking materials that

    Wheels & Fins Soap Box Race

    Last Sunday (10th September) we were at the Wheels and Fins Festival where we participated in their corporate soapbox race with our very own Ollie Evans behind the wheel. For those who have never heard of soapbox racing, it is where

    Staff Familiarisation Day Coming Soon

    Over the coming weeks our admin staff will be heading out on to site to try their hand at installing car park markings for a local business. With the guidance from our operatives they will be installing parking bays, directional arrows and

    Catch Up With Hayden

    A few years back we noticed that orders were coming in for 1 or 2 studs by the same person so decided to enquire as to why the orders were so small and what they were being ordered for, it turned out to be a vibrant 9 year old boy called

    LineLazer ES 1000

    Since 2015 we have been upgrading our fleet and machinery, not only for standardisation and appearance but for a more environmentally friendly foot print. Our latest purchase is the LineLazer ES 1000, a first of its kind, fully electric

    Another HGV Pass

    It is no secret now that we are entering all our operatives in for their HGV Cat C license, this allows a successful candidate to drive a rigid vehicle (up to 32 tonnes). Since starting this scheme towards the end of 2015 a total of 8

    The Pink Ribbon Walk

    On Saturday 1st July, Lisa, head of credit control, participated in the Pink Ribbon Walk for breast cancer. For those of you not familiar with 'The London at Night Pink Ribbon walk' it is an urban walk showcasing many of the

    The New Screed Vehicle Is Here

    Here at Hi-Way Services we have been investing into our screed truck fleet since 2015. The aim was to lower carbon emissions, improve appearance, create a safer more user friendly truck for the operatives, increase volume of works and reduce

    Open Week at Northforeland Golf Club

    Another year, another Open Week at Northforeland Golf Club. For the past 21 years in the month of June Northforeland have hosted their open week which is usually a week packed full of good golf and even better weather, a certain

    HGV Cat C News

    It is now common knowledge that we are putting all operatives through their HGV Cat C license over the next

    We Need You!

    Hi-Way Services is recruiting at its Canterbury depot for our TM division. We are looking for 2 new operatives to join the team, TM qualifications and tickets are preferred but are not a necessity. If you would like to apply please email

    ORAS – Operative Refreshers Assessment Scheme

    As of 2014 any road marking or road studding operative holding NVQ Level 2 are required to undertake the Operative Refreshers Assessment Scheme (ORAS) course every 4 years. This course was established by the Road Safety Markings Association

    Webshop Easter Giveway

    Like Chocolate? There's still time to get your entry into our Easter draw. Three lucky winners will each receive a fantastic Thorntons chocolate hamper delivered just in time for Easter....Simply place an order on our webshop and your name

    Join Our Team

    Hi-Way Services is recruiting at its Canterbury depot, looking to take on at least 2 road marking apprentices. No experience required, full clean driving license is required. If you would like to apply please email your interest to

    March Strikes Again

    The trend has continued and as expected March has once more been extremely busy due to a combination of small and large jobs from 50 bay car parks to Highway England works. It is continuous day and night throughout the month. A few examples

    A Good Deed

    When it comes to the chance to help teach children the correct road safety we dive at the opportunity, therefore when Brighton and Hove council approached us with an idea that had been brought to them we didn't think twice. East

    Kent Cancer Trust

    Here at Hi-Way Services at the end of every financial year we like to donate to various charities. For the past 4 years one of our nominated charities has been the Kent Cancer Trust, the reason that they are an obvious choice out of

    New Years Day Swim 2017

    For the past 15 years The Neptune Hall pub in Broadstairs has helped raise money for the Childrens Liver Disease Foundation. On the 1st of January every year, roughly 70 people join The Neptune and participate in the New Year's Day

    Happy New Year

    From us all here at Hi-Way Services Ltd we hope you had a fantastic Christmas and a wonderful New Year! Over the coming week as normality returns to the office, Watch This Space! Over the coming weeks we will be posting a few

    Christmas Closing Date

    Its that time of year again! every year it seems to sneak up on us sooner than the year before, From us all here at Hi-Way Services we would like to take the time to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

    'Brighton' Up Your Highways

    We were approached by Brighton and Hove council who wanted to improve the safety for motorcyclist on several junctions on the A270 Lewes Road. The desired product was Safetrack SC which is an MMA based, slip resistant coating perfect for

    Another HGV Pass

    It is now common knowledge that we are putting all operatives through their HGV Cat C license over the next few years with the aim by 2020 for every operative to hold a HGV license. We are now one small step closer to this aim with Leon